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Appraisers Association of America

Panelist, On And Off The Road: An Evening with America’s Most Popular Appraisers

Experts Lee Dunbar, Kathleen Harwood, Daile Kaplan, Leigh Keno, Betty Krulik, Kevin Zavian and Alasdair Nichol, all stars on PBS's hit series, Antiques Roadshow, will talk about their experiences travelling the country together to do the show, some of the wonderful discoveries, and what happens off camera to prepare for those exquisite "aha!" moments! And Then, during a cocktail reception, we'll offer complimentary valuation consultations for all atteendees with experts Rob Aretz, Adina Becker, Susan Hunter, Stuart Lutz, Sarah Morthland, Deborah Spanierman, John Tatlock, Renee Vara and Christine von der Linn.