Curated Shows

Curator & Executive Producer Exhibitions


Head Curator & Co-Producer, “BLUE ACIER Print Studio and Dali Art Museum Tour,” Salon Art Society (February 2015)

Head Curator & Co-Producer, “Upper East Side Revival Tour,” Salon Art Society (November 2014)

Head Curator & Co-Producer, “Lower East Side: Emerging Art Scene Tour,” Salon Art Society (October 2014)

Head Curator & Co-Producer, “Chelsea Art District Tour,” Salon Art Society (October 2014)

Co-Producer, Private Event with The Contemporaries and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, (June 2013).

Co-Producer, INPUT #4 “Second Skin” Exhibition Opening and Book Release, VPL (May 2012).

Co-Curator, “Second Skin” Exhibition at VPL in SoHo, (May 2012)

Co-Producer, Input Journal #3, “The Pink Iguana,” Book Release (August, 2011).

Juror, “No.19 National Juried Exhibition,” Featuring Dennis Yuen, David Bogus, John Breiner, Heechan Kim, Rebecca Rose at Phoenix Gallery (June-July, 2011).

Co-Producer, Input Journal #2, “Me, Myself, and I (Conversations with Oneself)” Book Release (March, 2010).

Head Curator + Producer, Art Viceroy, Exhibition of 45 Solo Artists, Miami/Basel (December 2009).

Co-Producer, Input Journal #1, “Common Spaces: Public Places,” Book Release (March, 2009).

Curator + Producer, ArtHaus, “100 Artists from Emerging Markets,” Miami/Basel Week (December, 2007)

Collective Art Performance & Video Installation, “ArtHijack”, Monkeytown, NY (May, 2007).

Independent Organizer, Host & Moderator, “Migration Patterns”. Panelists included Henry Buhl, Donna Clovis, Juan Puntes (Director, WhiteBox) and Steve Pacia (Owner Pacia/Bose Fine Arts), Ekphrastic Evenings, Soho, NY (November 2006).

Curator, Public Art Performance, “100% Acrylic,” Agata Olek Olesiak, Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival (October, 2006).

Curator, “Cow Parade: Bryan Zansnik,” Photo NY Fair, Fair Installation, (October, 2006).

Curator, Group Show, “Contingencies of the Real,” Photo NY (October, 2006)

Independent Organizer, Host & Moderator, “Forgetting the “F” Word?. Panelists included Maura Riley (Curator, Brooklyn Museum), The Barnstormers and Gae Savannah (Flash Art) Ekphrastic Evenings, Soho, NY (September 2006).

Performance Reading, “Ode to Clement Greenberg,” Dumbo Paneling Live (July 2006).

Independent Organizer, Host & Interviewer, "Protofeminism: An Interview with Betty Tompkins". Ekphrastic Evenings, Soho, NY (May 2006).

Head Curator + Producer, Official Project, 9th Istanbul Biennial, “Two Continents and Beyond: WATERWAYs,” (October, 2005).

Head Curator + Producer, “WATERWAYs 2005,” Ecovention of 33 Artists and 5 Curators, Venice Biennale, Official Public Art Project of City of Venice Canal Transportation Authority (June, 2005).

Performance, “FunFundraiser,” South Hampton, Scope Art Fair (June, 2005).

Curator, Group Show, “ReFound,” Scope/NY (March, 2005).

Curator, Group Show “Surfaces,” Scope/Miami (December, 2004).

Curator, Public Project + Intervention, City of Miami, “Influenza,” Miami, FL (December, 2004).

Curator, Group Show, “Conventionally Drawn”– Scope/London (October, 2004).

Guest Curator, “Green Intervention,” – Scope Art Fair, London (October, 2004).

Guest Curator, “Fragmented Memories,” Philadelphia Art Alliance, PA (September, 2004- January, 2005).

Curator + Performance, Peekskill Project, “Found Poetry,” HVCCA, NY (September, 2004).

Collective Installation & Workshop, Die Werkleitz, Halle, Germany (August, 2004).

Curator, Group Show, “Purveyor of Dreams” Scope/LA (May, 2004).

Guest Fair Curator + Co-Performance (Opening Night Event) with Elena Bajo, “Milk Maids” Scope/NY (March, 2004).

Curator, “Neo-Nostalgia,” Makor Center for the Arts (January 2004).

Co-Curator Annual Show, “Strength of the Mind,” Self-Taught Art, John MacEnroe Gallery (2003).

Guest Curator, “Wired, Installation”– Scope/Miami (December 2003).

Guest Curator, “Fairytales,” Paul Rodger’s Gallery, NY (December 2003).

Guest Curator, “Return of the Handmade: Orly Cogan,” Makor Center for the Arts (October 2003).

Curator, "Leemour Pelli’s Fairytales," Paul Rodger’s Gallery (December 2003).

Assistant Curator, Leubsdorf Art Gallery, “Abstraction at The End of the Twentieth Century,” (October, 1996).

Independent Curators International & VARA ART: INPUT #5 (Art & Crisis)- Book & Panel Discussion (2013)