Our Team

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Taylor B. Longenberger received dual BA degrees in Art and English & Communications from Pace University. As an undergraduate, she studied art history at Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, wherein she became conversant in Italian language and culture, and developed interest in the connections between art and science. Taylor has held multiple research positions, including her work for the environmental artist, Betty Beaumont.

Taylor was the recipient of the Dyson College Research Grant for her innovative research in colored siloxanes, that bridges the gap between art and science. She was honored as the Plenary Speaker for the Dyson Society of Fellows’ 39th Annual Meeting and her research has been published in the 2017 Journal of Chemical Education (94) 11 and in the 2017 Society of Fellows Transactions (Vol. 20), investigating the properties and capacities of siloxanes as an artistic media.

Taylor is currently the Senior Research Associate at VARA ART, where she she has conducted emerging and digital art historical research for cases including the landmark VARA case 5Pointz vs. G&M Realty LP and Heritage vs. Christie's.

email: taylor@varaart.com